Joe's Bust

by Rabble Babble

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When we arrived at the place full of people getting off and throwing shapes, the bouncer caught sight of Joe and tried to throw his way, a woe. He said "For you, tonight, well this place is a no-go."

But Joe was blithe this night and with his vocal might, he put a smile upon the tight-lipped face of the man and then ran right inside where he bought his ninth pint of the night.

As we all lost the plot and felt the kick, moving to 'You Me You' by Myronik, Joe was having a shot, at the bar after having just fought, two guys outside over some of their lies.

He tried to be nice, and now he felt his jaw was all but red raw. Aw well.

He saw a guy across the room gawking over. Next thing he felt a pat on his shoulder. It was some out of place guy just looking to buy and get high. Joe thought "Fuck it"

And put his hand in his pocket. Not four seconds more, Joe landed on the floor with the buyer and the gawker right on top of him. Badges were shown and it was showed he must have owned the most 'ghosts' in the place.

Escorted outside, taking it all in his stride, but still looking for any way out of this bind; that's when he locked eyes with Garda Fran Cach.

In the company of undercover, Fran Cach walked slowly over. Looked Joe up and down as his frown turned upside down, he leant in and said:

"Procure and secure your cure for the lure of the noose you have yet to lose use for."

Just then, the same two guys from the fight before had surprisedly just threw their fucking drinks into the bouncers eyes. Needless to say, someone, was pissed.

As all hell broke loose, Joe used it as a ruse, shook the gawker off with some luck and absolutely fucking, legged it.

It was way too close of a call right now for Joe to host that kind of fall, he'd be in a jock by the time he'd be knocking on the door of Tar Isteach but he's Joe Sope, he didn't give a fuck,

Once he'd lost his obligation to pay the cost and secured his liberation, he whipped out a bottle of his favourite sauce and hastily celebrated the occasion.

He then bumped into Tumbo and Co. and informed them of the goss - "Yeah I almost got busted, the night was fun though, I think. Here boys, youse grabbin the Nitelink?"


released May 30, 2017
Composed and Authored by Pa Ski

Vocals - Molly Callan Cassidy
Guitar / Vocals - Pa Ski
Bass - Conor Sweeney
Drums - Jack Bird

Recorded by Gareth Desmond (Loop Studios)
Mixed, Produced & Mastered by Liam Myers



all rights reserved


Rabble Babble Dublin, Ireland

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